B Factor [n.] -
A hard-to-describe influence or quality; an important element with unknown consequences; also written "X-factor"


08 April 2010

Uh oh.

It seems I have ruffled some feathers.



It amuses me when people lose their cool and fly off the deep end. When it's over me, that amusement turns to flattery. But when it's over me and someone's single boyfriend who I've never met and they'd never hung out with, amusement turns to hilarity.

I didn't want this girl's "man" and he would have never had to confide in me if he could have in her. Now he's cool in my book and vice versa so I guess she's nervous. I really can't blame her; I'm a force to be reckoned with but there are other courses of action that are a lot more logical and ladylike.

(Think: Stepping your game up, eliminating competition through status, holding down your "man," and handling your business with whom it concerns.)

But she posts BS online to feel at ease? Is it 1995 again?


It isn't me that's the threat.. She's fucking up with flying colors. LOL

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